About Us

BipolarCentral.com was founded in 2005 with one very simple but profound Mission Statement:

To help persons with Bipolar Disorder and their loved ones to live happier, fuller, and more productive lives through responsible systems and techniques.

I founded BipolarCentral.com because my mother had undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder for many years. My family and I just didn’t know what to do to help my mom. She was out of control, and many of her relationships were strained or broken. Eventually, determined to help my mother, I took over nine months off work to research and find strategies that might work with my mom.

I diligently researched and interviewed and talked with doctors and experts until I began to get a handle on the disorder that plagued my mother and my family. I started working with my mom and her doctors, and pretty soon she began to get better and she, and our family, learned how to cope with her Bipolar Disorder.

Realizing that I was by far not the only person in this situation, I carefully kept extensive notes from all my varied sources and dedicated myself to helping other people like my mom and my family. Determined to make it easier to find the critical information people need to learn how to cope and deal with Bipolar Disorder, I wrote a book about my whole experience – about exactly how I helped my mom using techniques and information I discovered through months of painstaking research and perseverance.

In the wake of the overwhelming success of that book, I realized the staggering need for even more information, particularly information geared toward supporters of this often devastating disorder. Even more determined, I founded www.bipolarcentral.com, a website whose aim is to reach out to anyone dealing with bipolar disorder in any way, while focusing primarily on the needs of supporters. 

It still wasn't quite enough. While I was reaching more supporters than before, the need for helpful information was still great. I began to develop more books, and added audio interviews and courses with even more helpful information, tips and tricks, and workbooks to really make understanding Bipolar Disorder easier. BipolarCentral doubled in size, then tripled, then became the number one website for information about Bipolar Disorder in the world! I continue to look for ways to grow and include even more valuable information on BipolarCentral.

In addition, the website grew in such a way that I have not only been able help a huge number of supporters and survivors, but I have actually been able to make sure that the majority of people who work with me either have bipolar disorder, or are supporting someone who does.

To date, more than 300,000 people have requested information from me. If you need more information, or you know someone who does, please visit us at www.bipolarcentral.com today.


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